Youth Team

2017 Youth Team workshops to be announced soon – follow Poets v MCs Youth Team on Facebook for updates. 


Hi, Chay here (Shakes), I took part in Youth Poets v MCs and here’s some stuff I have to say:

Wow! Where do I begin? Even just clicking this page makes me smile – look at us all up there at the top of the page!

This year the show had moved outdoors onto the level, which has been my home turf for years. Growing up, I always loved the random shows and performers you’d find on the level, as well as the cults of inebriated and intriguing strangers I can only refer to as ‘The Brighton Street Theatre’. I feel like for one day, I got to step into those shoes for other people and The Circle Was Now Complete!

In my head the whole arc of Poets v MCs this year is collage-pasted memories of loud grinning schoolkids, practicing pieces on buses headed all over Brighton, energetic reunion with old Poets v MCs cast members, wacky and wonderful workshops: I still burst out laughing every time I think of the freestyling one – at one point, we were all freestyling in a circle through random word association; a minute later we were doing deep breathing and all but guided meditation which just set me off (don’t ask me why, some combination of juxtaposition, joy, and a history of doing laughter yoga myself) then we were back onto rhyming off each other but Jon suggested we use things we could see in the room – Jon said a bar of things then Tez pulled off a four-syllable perfect rhyme that involved something like ‘door, floor’ and we all just lost it. There were beautiful calm moments in the workshops too – aforementioned deep breathing and the best conversation about the weather I think I will ever have.

There’s so much I could say about Poets v MCs – it’s really been quite a large part of my year as a whole! I’ve learned a lot of new things and also a lot of new ways to see old things. Jumping up to host at the Jubilee Library was particularly fab for me – Mike asked a minute before and I thought ‘Sure’ despite having never hosted anything in my life. We’d been battling in a workshop earlier and I thought I can’t wait to see everyone see everyone! Meaning, I can’t wait for the world to see all the wicked people I came here with. I think I held a kind of pride for my people and that’s the reason it felt fine to suddenly be hosting for us all. If you’re reading this as someone involved in it then basically what I’m trying to say is I heart emoticon U and if you’re someone wondering about Poets v MCS then do contact someone or join the facebook group/like the page and come along to the future shows.

P.S All I can say is that MCs may have won this year but Poets will be back with a vengeance. Watch this space.